Research Colloquium

BEMRU research colloquium is one of the major research activities undertaken by the department since 2008 to enhance its research culture. This is a monthly seminar held within the department where an academic staff member of the department or an external eminent academic gets an oppertunity to present & disserminate his/her research.

No Date Presenter Topic
1 04.09.2008 Prof Malik Ranasinghe Educated trade-offs (and stakeholder consultation) for decision making on development projects)
2 04.10.2008 Dr YG Sandanayake Development of a model for performance
measurement in just-in-time enabled manufacturing environments
3 06.11.2008 Mr HS Jayasena Bid price variability in the Sri Lankan construction
4 04.12.2008 Mr MDTE Abeynayake Comparative study of environmental and planning and disaster management law relating to the construction industry in Sri Lanka for sustainable development
5 08.01.2009 Ms T Ramachandran Relationship between construction and economic growth
6 05.02.2009 Prof R Rameezdeen Contract interpretation: Readability of contract
7 12.03.2009 Mrs GI Karunasena Capacity building for post disaster building waste
8 31.03.2009 Mr CSP Fernando Power of univariate asset pricing tests: The case of Sri Lanka
9 14.05.2009 Mr Ravihansa Chandrathilaka Effects of horizontal focus on structures with special reference to floods and tsunamis
10 18.06.2009 Prof Dilanthi Amaratunga  & Dr Richard Haigh Good proposal writing for research funds
11 16.07.2009 Dr Bingunath Ingirige Intranets for knowledge management – Integration and alignment with social networks
12 10.09.2009 Dr KAK Devapriya Housing Finance with finance companies in Sri Lanka
13 30.09.2009 Prof George Ofori Leadership Research in Construction
14 05.11.2009 Dr Sepani Senarathne Knowledge Management Research in Construction
15 15.12.2009 Dr Chatura Ranaweera Research and Prospects in Marketing Research in North America
16 07.01.2010 Prof Srinath Perera Content Analysis
17 11.02.2010 Mrs BAKS Perera Construction Project Risks: A Consideration of 
Contractors’ Pricing in Sri Lanka
18 02.03.2010 Dr. Asanga Gunawansa New Developments in Construction Law in Asia-Pacific
19 01.04.2010 Mrs Nayanthara de Silva Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Applications in Risk 
20 18.05.2010 Archt Ravihansa Chandrathilake Sustainability guidelines for Buildings in Sri Lanka
21 07.09.2010 Dr KAK Devapriya Hotel Real Estate Finance in Sri Lanka
22 25.11.2010 Mrs Anuradha Waidyasekara Application of QFD to Enhance the Customer 
Satisfaction in Residential Apartments
23 15.03.2011 Prof Mike Kagioglu Future of FM
24 23.05.2011 Prof Paul Bowen Research Methods
25 4.08.2011 Dr Kaushal Keraminiyage Application of BIM in Quantity Surveying Field
26 8.09.2011 Dr KAK Devapriya Infrastructure Finance in Sri Lanka
27 21.10.2011 Prof Ajith De Alwis Industry, University and Research
28 03.11.2011 Prof Lalith De Silva Architectural Space as Manifestation of Design 
29 05.01.2012 Dr. Bingunath Ingirige Case Study Research
30 02.02.2012 Prof. Janaka Ruwanpura Top Ten Targets to Improve Construction Productivity
31 17.02.2012 Prof. Janaka Ruwanpura Research Guide to Improve the Quality of Academic Research
32 10.05.2012 Dr. Gamini Weerasinghe Writing Research Proposals
33 15.08.2012 Prof. Janaka Ruwanpura Developing the Research Culture
34 09.10.2012 Prof. Chanaka Jayawardhana Ranking, Reputation and Research
35 01.11.2012 Dr. Dilanthi Amaratunga "What is FM?"
36 01.11.2012  Mr. Suranga Jayasena  Introduction to 'Cost X'
37  07.03.2013 Dr. K.A.K Devapriya  Retail real estate market demand in Sri Lanka 
38 24.09.2013  Dr. Thayaparan Gajendran  Identity of Researchers: Philosophical Dispositions &
Operational Realities of Designing a Research Approach 
39 26.11.2013  Dr. Andrew Ross  research methodology (Case study method) 
40 19.06.2014  Dr. Niraj Thurairajah  Curriculum design and feedback: providing higher levels of
cognitive complexity 
41 26.06.2014  Dr. Mohan Siriwardena  Defending Your Thesis