Over the period of last 25 years, The Department of Building Economics has shown fresh dimensions for more than thousand graduates who are currently holding highest positions in construction industry. Building Economics Students' Society is the conglomeration of BSc. (Hons) in Quantity Surveying and BSc. (Hons) in Facilities Management undergraduates of approximately 600 in number from the same department.

Sarasavi Gee Sisila, the greatest musical event which brings the essence of classical music into the university of moratuwa, and it is proudly presented each year through the effort of BESS. Sarasavi Gee Sisila have its own traditions which have been continued over past 20 years, with the collaboration of many parties including all the undergraduates, academic and non-academic staff of the Department of Building Economics. The event is the BESS’s major fund raising activity by which hundreds of students are benefited under strong, warm and helping hands of BESS family. Sarasavi Gee Sisila will always flourish as apex of enjoyment and as the deepest bottom of the inspiration of connoisseurs.

The scholarship programme provides the financial supports for the students, who come from financially unprivileged backgrounds, in order to achieve their academic aims and objectives which are the major expectations of any university student. Majority of the funds generated through fund raising events, are effectively distributed among students those who need funds, with the assistance of senior treasurer of the BESS while keeping the transparency and confidentiality. The students who are eligible for receiving scholarships, are chosen by reviewing requests submitted by each batch among current four batches. The scholarship programme does not only ensures the financial strength of selected students, but also motivates them to have a successful and precious future after obtaining the degree.

Students have to bear considerable amount of money for taking required printouts and photocopies from the outside. With the purpose of giving a relief to students regarding this case the BESS Print Shop was opened in the 2014. Student can take photocopies and printouts from the print shop without having any printing and binding cost. The computers, photocopy machines, printers and equipment are periodically checked and maintained by the BESS in order to keep better facilities for students. Since the works like course works, project works, research works are directly paper required, the print shop provides an appreciable service to all undergraduates of Department of Building Economics in saving their both time and money.

BESS represents the interests of students whenever necessary as the shelter which holds the responsibility of looking after all undergraduates. It attends to solve problems which students face inside of the university, in order to ensure a better performance of students in a trouble free environment. Further BESS works on upgrading the facilities of the students whenever and wherever possible by informing to the relevant parties. Those facilities include lecture room facilities, canteen facilities, hostel facilities, computer facilities, and sanitary facilities etc. which are the major facilities of student’s both academic and non-academic life. The promise of the BESS is to serve students as much as possible.

BESS gives its helping hands to all students and it provides the shelter to undergraduates through guiding them to the right direction in which success and satisfaction exist. With the clear purpose of making students’ academic life succeed, the BESS donates the books called SMM7 (Standard Method of Measurement 7th Edition), NRM2 (New Rules of Measurement), SLS573 (Sri Lankan Standards 573), CESMM (Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement), and FIDIC RED BOOK which are very important learning materials for students. Books, which give the latest and updated knowledge, are donated by the BESS to the resource room from where students, who are seeking the new knowledge and who are doing researches can get benefits. Since having an own laptop can have a positive and significant impact on academic works, laptops are donated by the BESS to students those who haven’t the financial strength to buy a laptop.

We everyone have a responsibility to serve the society. Students get the opportunity to learn in free-education system in the government universities which are actually funded by the public. With the full of kindness and the love, the BESS started doing charity projects for the betterment of the society. Organizing blood donation campaigns, providing aids to elders’ homes and children’s homes are some of the efforts put forward by the BESS to accomplish this responsibility. While serving to the society, students get the chances for helping others and upgrading their emotions, feelings and thoughts as a replete and proud citizen of Sri Lanka.