Over the period of last 25 years, The Department of Building Economics has shown fresh dimensions for more than thousand graduates who are currently holding highest positions in construction industry. Building Economics Students' Society is the conglomeration of BSc. (Hons) in Quantity Surveying and BSc. (Hons) in Facilities Management undergraduates of approximately 600 in number from the same department.

The society carries out many projects with the intention of delivering students welfare, at the same time opening up opportunities for undergraduates to involve in extracurricular activities beyond the boundaries of academic activities. Major benefits from the event to students can be distinguished as follows under Welfare Activities. The main fundraising event which supports for all of the welfare activities carried out by BESS, is Sarasavi Gee Sisila which is organized by BESS every year since 1993.

  1. Organize the Sarasavi Gee Sisila, the most awaited events on the university calendar is the classical musical sensation, and the main fundraising event which supports for all of the welfare activities carried out by BESS.

  2. Sustaining a Scholarship Programme for the students, who come from financially unprivileged backgrounds, in order to assist them in successfully accomplishing their academic goals is a core objective of the existence the Students' Society.

  3. Society currently maintains a set of computers, printers and digital photocopy machines in order to assist the academic activities of the students.

  4. BESS ensures the welfare of students of Department of Building Economics, by representing the interests of students whenever necessary.

  5. While advancing on identifying the ways to provide facilities to students, society is looking for opportunities to provide academic support and to do career guidance to passing out graduates in Quantity Surveying and Facilities Management.

  6. Fulfilling the social responsibility of a student learning to become respectable citizens of the society, BESS carries out charity projects to help the society outside the university.